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Welcome to Best.Buy.Damascus1!

We are one of the fastest growing cutlery brands worldwide. Back in 2010, Damascus Knives was just a plan and a passion to provide quality products for our customers that got us started.

Our quality knives and craft blade company still works very hard with the same passion and intensity for the complete satisfaction of our valued customers. Over the years, we have promoted our brand by attending knife shows, hunting trade shows, and have successfully built a large, loyal customer base.

Our custom-made hunting knives and Damascus steel blade company is dedicated to making traditional, high spec and handmade Damascus and steel hunting knives. We’re also proud to bring you quality kitchen knives, folding knives, axes, and other great Damascus steel products. Our craftsmen put their efforts in design, keeping things like handle construction and blade sharpness in mind to create durable and superior quality of knives for our customers.

Damascus Knives Has The Best Quality Craftsmanship Skills:

As a premier high-quality Damascus steel blade knife supplier, our goal at Best.Buy.Damascus1 is to provide collectors worldwide with the finest 100% prime quality handmade knives and elegant leather sheaths.

Our extensive selection of quality products includes folding knives, pocket knives, fixed blade knives, bowie knives, diving knives, kukri knives, neck knives, tanto knives, lock back knives, engraved custom knives, designer knives, blank blades and many more fine blades.

Why Buy From Our Store?

Creating knives has long been our family tradition here at Damascus Knives, with techniques passed down through the generations. All of our knives are handcrafted in our workshop - each knife is unique and custom made. We pay extraordinary attention to every minor detail in our fine Damascus steel knives.

Our pride and passion in the craft is what truly gives our knives their glory. They are handmade, giving each knife a unique, beautiful quality that machine made knives cannot offer. Best.Buy.Damascus1 only uses the finest materials in our knives, so that our products are lasting and durable. Our focus has always been quality over quantity, and craftsmanship above all else.

Damascus Steel Blades

We forge our own Damascus Steel from 1095 and 15N20 quality steel materials, not off shore tin can lid or mild junk steel. After forging, all blades are normalized and profiled. They are then surface ground, polished, heat treated and oil quenched to an RC 58-59, to hold great toughness and superior edge holding. After completion, each knife is buffed and polished and inspected AT LEAST three times before reaching your hands.

Knife Handles

Our knife handles are made with all natural materials. We use 100% all-natural materials including stag horn, buffalo horn, camel bone, brass, stainless steel, and black micarta wood.

Other natural materials that Damascus Knives uses include mahroon dollar sheet, natural rosewood, natural olive wood, multi-color wood, walnut wood, and many other exotic woods.

Best Leather Sheaths

Each sheath is custom made in conjunction with a knife so that it fits perfectly with the shape of the knife. Our sheaths are made with high-quality, natural leather.

When you are buying from Damascus Knives, you're buying from the best. We're a family-owned business that truly takes passion in our knives, and that passion extends into our craft. We're always willing to work with buyers to find a knife that fits their vision, whether it's for part of a collection, personal use, or even as a gift.

Legal Disclaimer

Please, read our disclaimer before purchasing any of our products:

We are not responsible for any injuries associated with the use of our tools. Our products are intended for legal use only by responsible buyers. Therefore, we will not sell our products to anyone under the age of 18.