knife 6.5" Multi Wood Damascus Pocket Knife Folding Knife Hunting Pocket knife set

knife 6.5" Multi Wood Damascus Pocket Knife Folding Knife Hunting Pocket knife set



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Pocket Knife Multi Wood 6.5'' Damascus Steel Knife Brass Bolster Back Lock Pocket Knives 100% Prime Quality+ Blue Wood Small Pocket Knife +Sharpening Rod Folding Knife.

Now You Can Carry A Legendary Sword In Your Front Pocket!

Even if you don’t know a lot about pocket knives, just by hearing the words “Damascus Steel” you can immediately understand that this is not just another ordinary pocket knife!

It’s something more. The legendary craftsmanship and unique design, make this incredible Damascus steel folding pocket knife a true piece of art!

You can finally own a 100% hand-made folding pocket knife designed and created by artisan craftsmen, utilizing the legendary technique of ancient Damascus bladesmiths.

For centuries, Damascus steel blades have been known as the most durable, reliable, sharpest and utterly exquisite blades in the world.

Kings and knights considered it an honour to own a Damascus steel blade and its distinctive patters, reminiscent of flowing water or waves have made Damascus steel blades a stuff of legends.

And Best.Buy.Damascus1 Is Here To Offer You This Timeless Masterpiece!

Your Search For The Holy Grail Of Pocket Knives Is Over!


The unique handle is hand-crafted from 100% real, durable and beautiful multi wood, in order to maximize your comfort and allow an easy and non-slip grip. Second to none, our ergonomic and elegant multi-wood handle will perfectly complement the mesmerizing blade.

Every single time you will hold the luxurious and silky smooth multi wood handle, you will instantly feel the long tradition that hides behind this exclusive folding pocket knife!

The star of the show, however is the blade. Hand-forged with 276 layers of premium-quality nonstainless
steel, the blade is a genuine successor of legendary Damascus steel swords that once terrorized opponents. Its material is 1095/15N20 with 276 layers and its HRC is 58-60. The full size of this elite knife is 6.5” and when it’s closed it reaches approximately 3.5”. In addition, the
incredible twisted patterns on the blade will surely impress everyone.

Plus, this blade has been tested in a variety of categories, including toughness, strength (lateral stress) and edge honing and holding ability.

Store & Protect Your Masterpiece Like A Pro Collector!


Join the ranks of serious blade collectors and finally own an original Damascus steel folding pocket knife. You will be rendered speechless by the unmatched style, the ergonomic handle and the supreme Damascus steel blade.

Our 6.5” Damascus steel folding pocket knife comes with a genuine cow-leather sheath for maximum protection and safety. The heavy-duty, double stitching and the brass spacer and bolster will ensure that your precious Damascus steel blade is safely tucked away and 100% secure!

Not only is the Best.Buy.Damascus1 elite pocket knife classy and beautiful, but it’s also extremely comfortable, due to the ergonomic design and 4.5oz weight.

Pro Collector’s Tip: In order to make sure that your Damascus steel folding pocket knife retains its picture-perfect condition, don’t store it in the leather sheath for a long time, since leather can absorb moisture and lead to rust.

Always clean it with oil or wax after using it and your Damascus steel pocket knife will be as good as new for years to come!

The Crown Jewel Of Your Knife Collection!

Looking for an absolutely unique gift for your loved ones? Surprise your husband, boyfriend, father

or brother with the Best.Buy.Damascus1 Damascus steel folding pocket knife and offer them a
magnificent addition to their collection!
Don’t be fooled by the artistic design. our stunning Damascus steel folding pocket knife is 100%
functional. Therefore, you can use knife for hunting, camping and fishing. Due to its incredibly sharp blade and
ergonomic beautiful multi-wood handle.
And the best part? Our Damascus steel folding pocket knife comes with a robust sharpener rod and an amazing collector’s keychain!

Best.Buy.Damascus1 has been you trusted source of exquisite, hand-crafted Damascus steel pocket knives for years. Our commitment, dedication and unparalleled craftsmanship separate us from the rest.

By choosing a Best.Buy. Damascus1 premium Damascus steel pocket knife you are in for an once-in-a-lifetime, luxurious experience.

Can you afford to miss out on this chance to own a timeless masterpiece?