8 Inch Japanese Aus10

8 Inch Japanese Aus10



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Best.Buy.Damascus1 Chef Damascus Knife - 8 Inch Japanese Aus10 67 Layer Stainless Steel - Kitchen Granton Edge Professional And Home - Carving Fillet Chefs Knives - Ergonomic Red G10 Handle

Every Chef’s Favorite Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel Cutting Tool

Best Buy Damascus’ VG-10 8” Chef Knife is a Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel with 67-layer High Carbon Stainless Damascus Steel.

This knife has an unrivaled performance. Engineered to perfection with a 56mm deep blade that ensures maximum knuckle clearance, designed to encourage the rocking-motion style of cutting.

It has an innovative humpback triple riveted handle.

Our \oak wood\ handle is a world-first exclusive design.

It fits your hand like no other knife with superior handle functionality, comfort, and beauty.

Also features a back-brass bolster mosaic, oak wood handle shaped for kitchen champions.

Its scalpel-like sharpness is at a sizeable 8-12-degree angle per side.

Now you can sail through most of the culinary challenges that come your way using an incredible Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell.

Cut longer and go further.

Attention: although our knife is completely rust resistant, you should always wipe it off after washing it to extend its life even more.

We also offer a wide variety of handle materials, so choose the one that best fits your taste.