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Damascus Hunting Knives

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Looking for new damask hunting knives? There are many options, but some stand out more than others. And no matter how you plan to use your next hunting knife, there is one type that will catch your eye: a Damascus hunting knife. Made from Damascus steel, these knives are crafted using a special technique that creates a wavy, speckled pattern on the blade. Damascus hunting knives date back to ancient civilizations, but are made slightly differently today. Modern Damascus knives are either forged from different types of steel that are worked into an impressive pattern, or from one type of steel that is folded and refolded. Both methods produce a unique pattern that cannot be compared to any other knife blade.

Damascus hunting knives come in almost every style and for every purpose. From hunting knives to folding pocket knives to chef's knives for your kitchen, Damascus steel can be used in so many different ways. Wondering which Damascus knives are right for you? Check out our selection of the best Damascus knives and find the perfect model for your style and needs.

The Damascus hunting knife looks fantastic in your hand, but the reason it's our top choice goes beyond style. These Damascus hunting knives offer great value versatility and the hand-forged construction puts quality in your hand whenever you need it. The knife measures 10 x 2.65 x 1.65 inches and has a 4.8-inch Damascus steel blade, hammer-forged from 15N25 and 1080 steel. An impressive 288 layers of steel form a very robust blade with a sharp edge that retains its ability to withstand frequent use. The drop point blade has a hollow grind and is fully dyed through, so you can be confident that the handle and blade will not separate. The walnut handle and genuine leather sheath complete the quality and comfort you get with this Damascus hunting knife.

Damascus hunting knives are among the most durable hunting knives. Our Damascus steel hunting knives are handcrafted by forging multiple layers of steel and iron and then repeatedly heating them to create a strong and reliable blade with a fine wave and twist pattern. This process ensures that each individual Damascus knife is rare and unique. These blades make perfect collector, hunting, or camping knives. Our collection of handmade Damascus hunting knives includes Damascus hunting knives and Damascus folding knives. If you are looking for your next Damascus hunting knife, scroll down to browse our large selection.