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Incredible Pocket Knife Applications You Should Know

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Pocket knives have been a significant cutting tool for mankind from time immemorial and for good reason. There are only a few things that are as versatile and useful as pocket-sized folding knives and are also suitable for your everyday carry.

When did you last use a handy pocket knife, and what was the purpose? Did you need it to cut fruit, or open a package, or trim a loose thread on your clothing? When you've got a pocket-sized knife, you've got an extremely sharp tool to meet your cutting needs.

High-quality knives like Damascus pocket knives have evolved so much over the years, and yet they remain so close to their functional origins. It is still a sharp instrument, and a useful one at that. In fact, the modern pocket knife is so versatile that there's a high chance you're not making the most of the one you already own.

Here are the incredible benefits of a pocket knife that will help you use it to its full potential.

Unwrapping packages

Opening packages with a pocket knife brings so much happiness that only a few things can give. The knife will come in handy once you've opened your package to disassemble the box so you can recycle it.

Opening Envelope

One of the most common tasks a knife is used for is opening envelopes. A folding Damascus knife can be the ideal tool for opening your mail if you don't want to tear up the letter and don't have a letter opener with you.

Uncorking a Bottle

A pocket knife can substitute for a corkscrew or bottle opener if you don't have either handy. You can use your knife to open a bottle by pressing the blade against the bottom, provided you use it with caution.

Even if it might not be the best alternative to a corkscrew, a folding knife with a razor-sharp blade can be used to open wine or any other bottle. Simply twist the cork slowly until you can take it out by carefully wriggling the blade deeper and deeper into it.

Chopping Fruits and Veggies

Use a pocket knife to slice some fruit and vegetables to reap the benefits of a pocket knife. Even though it's not the best idea for a compact, pocket-sized blade, your knife can cut meat, fruits, and vegetables if you don't have an alternative tool.

Opening Cans

You probably don't have a can opener, or you haven't kept large knives on hand. You can cut open a can with your pocket-sized knife, but be careful not to cut your hand on any sharp edges.

Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy being outside, you probably already know how valuable a folding knife can be when you're out camping, hiking, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors. You can also use it for fishing, hunting, and various other outdoor recreational activities.

These are only a few of the many different uses of a pocket knife that come in handy in various situations. It is provided that you buy a premium-quality knife like that made of Damascus steel, use it for years to come and enjoy its advantages.