Damascus Folding Knives

Damascus Folding Knives

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A classy, high-quality pocket knife for everyday use. The blade is made of genuine 71-layer Damascus steel. The crossbars are also made of the same noble material. The scales of the handle have not been spared either, with the use of high-quality olive wood. The Lock back prevents the blade from accidentally bending back.

Damascus pocket knives are made of Damascus steel, which is characterized by a special internal structure consisting of alternating layers of two or more types of steel. The different layers are firmly joined together, usually by what is called forge welding. Damascus knives are usually made with 100 to 500 layers. By combining different types of steel, steel is obtained that absorbs the best properties of the steel used. Often hard steel with a high carbon content is used in combination with softer steel with lower carbon content. The properties of these Damascus knives are hardness and abrasion resistance as well as breaking strength. Knives made from this steel have a beautiful decorative pattern on the blade. Each pattern is an absolute original; you will hardly find two identical knives. Damascus knives represent a strong dose of luxury for their owner.

Damascus steel as a blade material has its origins in European and Asian swordsmanship. The forging and bending of at least two different types of steel results in excellent steel quality, while the characteristic pattern of the material gives the blade a special appearance. Damascus knives continue to fascinate today and enjoy great popularity due to their quality and functionality for a variety of tasks. The classic Damascus is not stainless, but there are current models in stainless steel.

All our Damascus is authentic and not just engraved. Damascus is a mixture of 1095HC and 15N20 nickel carbon that is heated together, then the bar is bent and folded to get the desired layers. Then you burn the blade in acid, which sanitizes the nickel and turns the high carbon content black-grey.

Damascus steel blades are traditionally made using an ancient, hand-forged process of folding and bending layers of red-hot steel and high carbon iron. The result is not only a beautiful blade but also a particularly hard and sharp blade. Our model uses modern methods to achieve the same beautiful swirls and contours of the blade. Damascus blades are usually very expensive, but this model is surprisingly cheap. The beautiful scales are made of stained wood. It is highly recommended as it offers exceptional value for money and a modern interpretation of an old style.