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Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

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Damascus1 is offering the an entire range of the best quality pocket and folding knives. Buy Damascus Folding Liner Lock Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife at an affordable and discounted price.

Damascus Making Process: All our Damascus steel is absolutely real and not just an acid etch. Damascus steel is a unique blending of elements such as 1095HC and 15N20 Nickle carbon. They are heated up together and then fold the bar over and over to get desired layers, the one we are offering possesses up to 300 layers. Finally, we burn the blade in acid, and it turns the nickel satin colored and the high carbon turns blackish grey.

This is quite an affordable knife, compact and durable, and strong for everyday use. Enjoying a tough and portable folding knife gives immense pleasure.

As a blade material, Damascus steel originated in European and Asian swordsmiths. Forging and folding at least two different types of steel results in better steel quality, while the characteristic pattern of the material gives the blade a special look. Damascus Knives have always been fascinating people to gain popularity. The quality and functionality for a variety of tasks are appreciated.

Custom folding pocket knives are genuine handmade knives that are made up of different handle types. For example, camel bone, stag handle pocket folding knives, and wood handle. The variety includes but is not limited to Rosewood, olive wood, walnut wood, ebony wood, and snake wood handle knives.

Top-quality folding knives are unique in standard and quality. These are fully custom and made by hand. These knives are offered in so many different styles and designs. Fully compact and easy to carry for daily use. We are committed to bringing the best knives to our valued customers that require something unique as compared to the usual folding knife. The usage is great on everyday uses. Additional features such as back lock and liner locks are available in our folding knives. All knife versions are customizable to your needs and uniquely made. Damascus1 is also offering the Steel Folding knife being an affordable knife. Compact, durable, and strong enough for daily usage. Tough portable folding knives that also look genuinely amazing.

Folding knives are customizable and made with genuine Damascus Steel. However, Damascus Steel blades offer a variety of pattern designs that are original, unique, and not duplicated. The forging process of the Damascus Steel blades has always been adopted to deliver unique patterns.