Professional Forging Damascus High Carbon Steel 7PCS Kitchen Knives Set

Professional Forging Damascus High Carbon Steel 7PCS Kitchen Knives Set


14 available units


  • [ 7PC Kitchen Knife] is made of selected 67 layers of Damascus steel, vacuum heat-treated knives, better play the material properties, provide excellent durability, and improve the sharpness, 3Cr14 multifunctional kitchen scissors Can provide higher efficiency of food preparation.
  • [EXCELLENT 10Cr15CoMoV STEEL CORE]  Master Series knife has a super 10Cr15CoMoV core with hardness 60-62HRC, the steel include super sharpness, strong resistance and razor sharp edge. Since it contains Cr, Mo, Co ingredient, making it more rust-resistant, more wear-resistant, better sharpness, that is why the 10Cr15CoMoV steel core is better resistant than AUS-10 steel.
  • [Ergonomic handle]  Damascus steel chef's knife handle is made of white shadow wood handle and inlaid rivets. It is elegant and beautiful. It not only feels comfortable and reduces fatigue after long-term use, but also is easy to cut, heat/moisture-proof, and durable. The brass ring embedded in the handle provides incredible balance.
  • [Perfect kitchen tool] The unique processing technology of the Master series, traditional manual wet cutting, 12 processes of meticulous processing, and the sharp edge of a scalpel are processed at 15 degrees on each side to minimize the surface resistance. Realize butter-like smooth cutting and enhanced non-stick characteristics, making the knife durable and sharp. You can easily deal with food other than hard objects such as bones.

Master Series 7Pcs kitchen knife set

Have the master series Damascus steel seven-piece set, your cooking experience will be a qualitative transformation, because this is the soul accessory of cooking fun. The complete set of kitchenware includes 8.2 (inch) chef's knife, 7 (inch) santoku knife, 8.2 (inch) bread Knife, 5.2 (inch) utility knife, 3.6 (inch) fruit knife, 3cr14 multifunctional kitchen scissors, 6-Slot Black Walnut Block

Handmade sharp and high-quality kitchen knives knives are committed to maintaining the ancient tradition of hand-made. In the production process, the high-level manual wet sharpening keeps the golden ratio of 15° on each side, and the precision tempered forging balances the strength and sharpness to make each knife seamless And sturdy structure, with modern contour, make food cutting smooth as butter

Stylish and high-end handle

Master series handles have amazing craftsmanship, selected from precious high-grade white shadow wood, and professionally polished to give themselves ergonomic comfort. The ingredients can be easily controlled by chefs and kitchen fanatics. Its stylish wood grain With the rivets at the end of the handle, there is no lack of elegant and beautiful appearance. The embellishment of the copper ring between the handle and the blade gives the whole a magical stability.

Unparalleled double beveled blade

Cooking is an art, and the knife is the soul of the art. Whether you are a professional chef, a home nutritionist or a cooking apprentice, you can use the kitchen knife with left or right hand, because the super sharp double beveled edge Damascus steel blade provides flexibility Efficient cutting effect, is your ideal companion to the kitchen art