Ram Horn Scrimshaw Work 7.6''

Ram Horn Scrimshaw Work 7.6''



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Best.Buy.Damascus1 Ram Horn Brass Double Bolster Beautiful Scrimshaw Work 7.6'' Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Back Lock Folding Pocket Knife Prime Quality+ Leather Sheath Case

  • Beautifull Red Wood With Double Bloster ScrimShaw Work 7.6'' Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife
  • We Make Prime Quality Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knives The blade is composed by forge welding and hammer folding 1095 & 15N20 (High & Low Carbon Steels
  • Our Pocket Knife Feels Great In Your Hand and Pocket ! Great For Personal Use, Or A Fine Gift Best.Buy.Damascus1 Knives The Collection You Will Be Proud Of And Beautifull ScrimShaw Art Work and featuring detailed file worked On back Edge
  • We Make Prime Quality Cow Skin Brown Leather Sheath
  • We Aim To Give Our Customers If you Not Satisfied With Our products Just You Return This Item Within 15 Days without Asking Any Questions We Give You Full